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Incomplete Love Story

Incomplete Love Story


like an unfinished dream, an incomplete story
a letter half written, a forgotten melody;
certain things are better incomplete
like our...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why She had to face everything???

We have entered into another new year, another milestone achieved by us, a year with lots of hope and desire for each and every individual. A spirit to do something out of the box in their life. But there lies a harsh truth, an untold story in a small part of a very beautiful city of India. Surat being one of the most efficient places of Gujarat attracts not only people from other states of all parts of India but also people from abroad. With time it has been developed into a city where every people dreamt to stay for a lifetime. But in those lanes there lies a story which shocked me when I came to know about it.

A girl of age not more than twenty two got married into a family who were farmers by profession and were good at it. It’s not been even a whole month of her marriage and the girl was most of the time admitted into the hospital due to some health issues. And when she was back at her in-laws place she was locked between those four walls with all the household chores to look after. Her health demanded some serious attention but nobody was there to look after her. Every night when she went to sleep after a long and tiring day, all she did was cried silently on her bed. Her husband was not even bothered what she wanted from him, what she wanted from her marriage and what she wanted him to do for her. He was not even bothered to ask her how her day was. Every morning she would wake up early by 4am and was busy whole day with the household work. Her health was becoming duller as the days passed. She thought if she gets pregnant then probably she might escape from all the household chores that she had to do it alone for a while and she could spend some time with her husband. And she had to do it. Soon the reports came and she was pregnant. And she was only twenty-two. But there was something else written in her fate. Due to her ill health her body was not ready to adapt the sudden change and it was not supporting her to deliver a child. And so to avoid this problem later on doctor suggested her to undergo abortion or else she won’t be able to deliver that baby. Being beaten down with the anomalies of life she had to do it. She underwent a surgery and was in hospital. The shocking part was not even a single day her husband came to ask her or check on her. Not even anyone from her in-laws came to check on her. Sadly the girl had to return to her home with her mother. Half of her time would pass moaning in pain and the other half in crying, cursing her fate that why on earth she took the step of getting married to someone like her husband, why she decided to leave her own house at such an early age and take care of a family where everyone is a complete stranger to her? Her father couldn’t see her in this condition and asked the boy’s father for an explanation. And the reply shocked me even more, “Half of the time your daughter is ill, we married our son to your daughter so that she can take care of our family but we are the one who is taking care of her, paying the hospital bills, paying for her medicines.” This harsh reply shattered the girl’s family and every now and then they would try to convince the boy’s family.

Now just think about it, we are in 21st century where we brag about our development, our economic growth, industrialization and what not. We just think that we are getting developed but as the time is passing by the condition is getting worse. And government is not the one to blame for, it’s us the people. When we will change our mentality, when we will actually start respecting women. We were born from the womb of a woman why we often forget that, she suffered all the pain for 9 months to bring us out in this world and we are doing such shameful acts. And this is not just any individual story, there are many such girls who are married at an early age, and after few months they are kicked out from their own house. A girl leaves her own house and takes the responsibility of someone else’s house and family. Till then that family is a complete stranger to her but still she wakes up early in the morning, prepare breakfast for everyone, prepare lunch, wash clothes, wash utensils, prepare dinner and after cleaning up everything she is the last member to hit the bed. If you cannot respect her atleast respect her work that every day she does it for you, for your family. Isn’t it our responsibility to take care of such an angel? I feel sad whenever I hear such stories, and these are the only reason why girl often use this phrase, “they don’t trust boys coz all boys are same.” Because of few sick people the whole male fraternity is to be blamed everywhere.

Be like a human, respect women and if you can’t then become a sanyasi because there isn’t any place for people like you.

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