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Incomplete Love Story

Incomplete Love Story


like an unfinished dream, an incomplete story
a letter half written, a forgotten melody;
certain things are better incomplete
like our...

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What will Santa gift me this Christmas?

There has been this myth always in our world that Santa Claus will come and bring happiness in your life. And it has lived for centuries now. Children still ask their parents every Christmas what will Santa gift them? They write letter to Santa, telling them about their life, sharing their little secrets and giving their wish list. There are few people who actually become Santa every Christmas to bring smile on the faces of many people. That is a noble gesture actually, if you make someone happy it fills your heart with immense happiness.

I keep asking myself this question every Christmas, what will Santa gift me? Till now I haven’t received anything.  This Christmas I don’t know why but I am hoping I might get something. Keeping fingers crossed!!!

Christmas is one festival which has its own flavour. Lights, decoration, cakes and wine.  People buy stuffs, decorate their Christmas tree, buy their children gifts and have a good time with friends and family. They don’t celebrate because it’s a festival. They celebrate because they get to spend time with their close ones. I like that part...

I hope this Christmas, Santa gifts me something too. I have been waiting since I was a kid. I am not a religious guy, I don’t believe in many things. I go to church not because I believe in Christianity. I go to church because I get peace of mind which I don’t get in temples. Holy place are meant to be quiet and calm. But the idea of holiness is very different in Hindu religion. Seriously!!!

I don’t want to offend any religion, people have their own beliefs and it is ridiculous to judge anyone’s belief. People do that more often now. They should not. If you don’t believe in something that doesn’t mean others would do the same thing. Point to be noted...

Just a thought crossed my mind this world is reaching its saturation point. Religion has been mixed with terrorism, belief is combined with materialism, faith is dying day by day and humanity is losing its battle every day. Sad but true...

We make resolutions every year but seldom do we fulfil them. Then why make such promises when you know you cannot do justice with them. That is the reason I don’t make any resolutions. True that!!!

If you really want to do something, try to become a good human being. The rest will all fall in its right place. I am not kidding!!!

I am writing after months and I know I am not making any sense. But do we have to make some sense all the time. Sometimes it is fine to just scribble something and don’t make any sense out of it. Try it sometime...

Earlier when I use to write, I was always in pain. I use to channelize my negative thoughts into something positive. And it use to help. Trust me it does!!!

But now things are quite different. I am living my dream. I am happy. And I don’t know how to share this happiness. How to describe the essence of this feeling? How to put it in a right way? Moreover, I return to my home quite late and all I do after coming back from work is sleep. Feel good factor!!!

So today I thought let me write something which might not make any sense and see how it goes. Why I am saying that I am not making any sense because I started with Christmas, talked about the dreams of children, touched upon religion and terrorism, New Year resolution and then came back to my life. And I managed to complete the cycle...

Wish you all Merry Christmas!!!

Hope Santa brings lots of happiness in your life and I expect you to share it with others. Sharing is caring...

I pray that you succeed in your life and I hope that this Christmas you actually bring smile to many faces. There are people out there who are not as lucky as we are. Try to do something for them. You may not try and change the world but a little contribution from you might give happiness to many.

Keep believing, stay safe and be happy.


1 comment:

  1. When you have shared your sorrows ;all have listened to you

    then share your joys too so that others too find happiness with it

    All the Best !!